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Stillstand world record - why is the women's record much longer?

After talking to Sam Wakeling recently about his (and Roger Davies') 100 mile world record attempt next week I have been having a look at what other records can be achieved on a unicycle. I hit upon this website where it says that the men's world record for a stillstand is a very impressive 15 minutes but the women's world record is an incredible 65 minutes and 13 seconds. Does anyone know if these figures are accurate? If so, why is there such a disparity between the two?
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A woman's physique generally gives her a lower centre of balance which is more ideal for still standing on a unicycle than a typical male who's physique causes him to have a higher centre of balance.
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I believe the female record holder might be the only person to really care about stillstand...No disrespect though, 65 minutes is just utterly amazing.
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I remember seeing a video of a girl doing a still stand on a ping pong net!
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I don't think that there is any particular reason for it. For hard trials I can see why women might have a disadvantage but for still standing strength is not required. I suspect she just really practiced a lot.
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Thanks for the replies, guys.
Maybe I should learn to stillstand so I can get an idea of how blinking long 65 minutes really is. I doubt I will be worrying Richam soon, let alone Ana.
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Originally Posted by MuniAddict View Post
I remember seeing a video of a girl doing a still stand on a ping pong net!
I interpret that exclamation as indication you think that's more impressive.
Although it's far less sideways swing than a real slack-robe; the swing it allows makes it easier than on a solid surface.
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Alan Lawrence
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Physics of stillstanding

So (asking here because this is the most recent thread on stillstanding!)...how is stillstanding actually possible? Can anyone give me a scientific/physics explanation?

Balance is all about keeping your centre of mass above your contact point with the ground. Generally, on an unicycle, this involves moving your contact point on the ground - because, with only a single contact point, you can't really change the position of your centre of mass (well, apart from jumping!); and gravity constantly acts to move your center of mass away from your contact point.

But, in a still stand, is this still the case? Sideways, you have some tiny amount of movement of your contact patch, by rocking the tyre/wheel from one side to the other (maybe 1cm to 1 inch with a really big fat tyre). Is that really what's going on? When I'm practicing, and I fall off (push against the wall), this is because I've reached the limit of how far I can lean the wheel / bend in the middle ...and it always seems that I'm leaning the wrong way to be consistent with my contact patch hypothesis. (Yet, I manage some stillstands of 5-10s, albeit only occasionally!)

So, is there some other physics involved (I've heard a variety of arguments that it's to do with rotational inertia and momentum)? Obviously, actually *doing* it is very different from understanding it, but I feel it'd help to know what was actually going on....
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Eric aus Chemnitz
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Originally Posted by morris90210 View Post
Does anyone know if these figures are accurate? If so, why is there such a disparity between the two?
Yes they are. The World Record has allways been about a few minutes and everybody tried a few seconds more.
Nobody knows, how Ana did this...
I'still believe that some riders have a secret "physics-off" switch in their pockets ...
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