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Best piece of advice don't be to hard on yourself. If you do a trick once but cant repeat it next 50+ goes don't worry. Keep practicing be confident but not cocky.
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Thanks a lot friends for sharing your useful tips and suggestions it would be very helpful for newbies like me.
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Here is a suggestion - get some kind of marker to place at the spot where you last fell. We started with caulk and initials. We now use a 12" long piece of duck tape that we double up so their is no sticky side. This is easily movable and can be purchased in different colors. The point of this is to get your mind to focus on the end goal which is to go further then your last attempt. Also as you start to go further remember to stay seated or your legs will burn up.

Remember you will also go thru stages at different distances. If you get frustrated take a break and try another day. Watching the boys on my block, I have noticed the distances usually doubles with each day of practice. Day 1 - 1', Day 2 - 2', Day 3 - 4', Day 4 - 8', Day 5 - 16', Day 6 - 32', and so on. Keep at it and soon you will be riding off into the sunset.

Another suggestion is to challenge others to try it with you. Make it a game. I think you will have more fun this way. Heck pass it over to the fiancé and see how far he can ride it. The only time I would not recommend this is between siblings. That just turns into problems, I solved this by getting neighbor kids involved.

So far since Christmas 2012 I have had 9 kids pass my test.

What is in the test

4 things

1 - Ride up into the cul-de-sac around and back down. About a city block.
2 - Do a figure 8.
3 - Ride off a curb.
4 - Free mount.

Good luck! You are closer then you might think. Keep at it.

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I'm still at the very early stages due to taking an 8 month break, life got in the way.

Anyhow, I've never been one for being watched, always hated being up in front of people even at school.

I'm fortunate enough to be able to practice a little at work. I felt so daft repeatedly falling in front of work colleagues that I said they should try. After they realised that its not as easy as it looks I felt much more comfortable practising in front of them. They were no longer looking at me and thinking I was rubbish (at least in my head they were) they were looking wondering how the heck I didn't fall straight off. That helped loads!
Originally posted by onewheeldave:
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Originally Posted by MissNails View Post
I started unicycling almost 3 weeks ago, practicing at least an hour a day. Still the furthest I have gone on my own is 15 feet. I have a hard time taking off without any railing, and whenever my friends are watching me I instantly fall off. At this point, I know that I can do it but I get so flustered and anxious that I just force myself to get off. Any advice on keeping myself calm enough to get a little more confidance riding?
Your'e more concerned for your friends than for yourself.Be more sefish while cycling.You have to be 100% focussed on what you're doing.You can't be thinking negatively while unicycling.Learning unicycle,is a humbling experience at first,which makes makes your achievements feel all the greater as you progress.

You can do it. Mount and gooo.....
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I just see it as a challenge to overcome,I'm sure I'll get po'd learning.But I kinda relate it to playing guitar and singing for a band,I love the whole thing,I've played w/ many that hit the stage and theyre shaking in their boots,just not confident,then that leads to anxiety which leads to screwing up.
Just take your time and progress at your own pace.Riding w/ others definetly helps.
I've rode/ride anything w/ wheels,so 1 wheel is going to be a serious challenge.Plus since I hit 40 my balance sux,hoping a uni will help.Then that will translate to dirt bikes and BMX bikes.
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anxiety, beginners

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