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Originally Posted by BHChieftain View Post
Back to the which uni next-- how does the KH's 27.5 Duro Crux 3.25 tire feel on pavement? For the next 1.5yrs I'll be primary on smooth bike paths.

I have a similar tyre but on a Nimbus and mine is 29" Duro Crux 3.25. I commuted to work on it for over 6 months and it handled pavement fine. Course at the time I only had a 20" to compare it to. Now I've been riding a 36"/127 for a while, I jumped on my old Nimbus today to try it out since it's been a while. First thing I noticed is I have tons of control with a smaller wheel and longer cranks but it is so slow by comparison. If you want to go fast you will have to work harder but it's not slow compared to a 20/24" and you can achieve reasonable speeds which will have you out of your comfort zone initially.

Since you're used to a 24" you probably won't notice the wide tyre being hard/slow and on 27.5 " it will be faster then your 24". In saying that you probably don't want to go too fast when you're still learning so it might be a positive. The wide tyre really does shine in rough terrain though, ride it through grass, gravel, mud etc and it doesn't feel much slower then riding on pavement. You can add a handle bar too to get a bit more speed and stability for longer rides.
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Originally Posted by BHChieftain View Post
Back to the which uni next-- how does the KH's 27.5 Duro Crux 3.25 tire feel on pavement? For the next 1.5yrs I'll be primary on smooth bike paths.

I've done near 5000 km on my KH29 with the Duro Crux 3.25", almost all being road and cycle path. I would love to have a lower resistance tyre, but really it's not a deal breaker. I guess my top speed is lower and I'm burning some extra energy going places, but I have a wonderful tyre that feels great on rough ground and the crap roads/footpaths around.

Unicyles === compromises.

I run 25 PSI on smooth road, 20 on rough road/footpath and 18 off road, but each pressure is still fine on other surfaces. I can't do serious muni, but pressure would be lower still for that. That's a lot of surfaces for one tyre.

Some of my Strava personal records are still on that 29, not on the 36, so I wouldn't call it slow.

Handling on road is different from other unicycle tyres, I always have a transition period when switching unicycles where my turns are unstable (maybe it's just me). Wear is also a factor, I got about 3200km before canvas was showing and nobody here keeps that tyre in stock (municycle.com.au got it in no trouble).

The KH29 with the Duro is still my favourite unicycle, I'm sure the 27.5 is just as good.
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Thanks for the feedback-- if folks thought the 3.25 tire was not that great on pavement then I'd probably stick with the 29 or 32 road uni for now. But if the 27.5 is ok on pavement but just slower, then that's no problem (I think I would be more sensitive to riding feel vs. speed).

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My Qu-Ax 27.5 Muni came with the Maxxis High Roller II 2.4 tire.
Markings say it takes up to 65 PSI.
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