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Originally Posted by wobblysteve View Post
1. You look like a complete idiot trying to balance that thing.
She's right about that!

Let this be a reminder to you that your success or failure learning to unicycle does not hinge on her approval. If you can deal with her disapproval, you will have less problem dealing with the disapproval of others watching you look like a complete idiot. So, in a way, your wife is giving you an inoculation, immunity from the disapproval of others. Thanks, honey!

My wife was tolerant of me learning to unicycle. Once I developed skills, her tolerance changed to approval. She saw the health and exercise benefits of what I was doing. She admired me for persevering and learning something difficult. Maybe your wife's attitude will become more tolerant over time.

When you choose to do something non-conformist, you open yourself to the derision of others. In some cases, I think, others feel comfortable criticizing you because they know you don't care what other people think about you. If you did care, you probably wouldn't have chosen unicycling.
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