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My wife thought it rather odd when I bought my first uni at a garage sale for ten dollars. She was bemused at how I worked at it until I could ride. Once I could ride she asked where I would go with it.

Once I got got serious she noticed how good it was for both my physique and state of mind and became my biggest fan.

About eight months after I started I found out the national championships would be on in about a month. I expressed an interest in going to the event the following year and she said, "why not this year?". Then she organised the whole trip, flights, hire car and accommodation.

She loved watching the events, especially at the skate park and the high jump. We have been to three championships now.

I got a part riding a uni on stage in one of the shows she performed in when she told the director her husband rode a unicycle.

She did a film making course and her main project was "The One Wheeler", featuring me and my unicycles.

When I bought the Triton 36 and told her how much it cost, her response was "So?"

She didn't really like how much space the unicycles took up in the garage but was much happier when I built a hanging rack.
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