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Originally Posted by wobblysteve View Post
I have started learning to ride a unicycle recently and was not expecting the somewat negative reactions I get from my spouse about my new hobby.

I was wondering what positive or negative reactions other forum members are getting from their spouses, family and friends.

I'll start by saying that my wife's responses are overwhelmingly negative.
Some recent comments:-
1. You look like a complete idiot trying to balance that thing.
2. Your only doing this for attention... I'm going to ignore you...
3. When you have finished trying to be a Circus clown, can you please do something productive like mop the floors and do the vacuming.
4. Where are you going? You better not come crying to me when you break your neck!
5. How embarrasing, please dont ever mention anything about your stupid unicycle to my friends...
6. [Talking to my kids] - Yes, he bought a Unicycle, I'm afraid your father has developed dementia.
Your wife is correct on all 6 counts.
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