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In what way is it clunky? How long and how much have you been practicing?

I can see if the pedals were loose, or the wheel was overly flexible ior if there was some obvious problem, it could hinder you. Otherwise, doesn't seem like it would make that much difference.

A 24" is supposed to be harder to learn on than a 20".

Looking back, I think I got my unicycle the day before Thanksgiving (US) and could ride to the end of the block, maybe 150 yards or so, by December 16. I just managed to ride around the block this last week.

I know there's people that have learned a whole lot faster. On the other hand, I've probably been working at it about 2 hours a week, so someone more motivated could put 20 weeks of my practice into one week of theirs if they were so inclined.
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