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Originally Posted by Vogelfrei80 View Post
It's 3 years since I learnt uni, but I've never had particular issue with the brake position: I used a normal brake lever and used the small adjustable screw inside the lever to get the perfect reach distance (it is its intended use).
Originally Posted by Klaas Bil View Post
I was happy with my Spooner on my rim brake handle, and on my new Shimano disk brake I have a Starfighter which I am equally happy about. I put it quite near the end of the original brake handle, so that the range remains as intended. With my middle finger I have no problem to reach it.
I have short fingers, so that may be the issue for me. It's very hard to get the brake close enough for me to where it is really comfortable. I can always reach down with any brake, but then the rest of the hand is not as good on the handle. With starfigher of spooner, it takes the brake away even more, and doesn't feel secure on my hand. On most brakes, if you adjust the pressure point closer to the handle, you get a lot of free stroke. So while without the attachment I mentioned I can get that to where I want it, if I let go of the brake and want to get back on it, it's far away.
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