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Originally Posted by mowcius View Post
New 2011 frame design - I think the 26, 29 and 36 are all like that now, not sure about the new 24.

That's going to be an awesome ride - my nimbus disk hub and d'brake and new spokes are in the post now ready to be fitted into my KH29 next weekend, should look kinda similar.
What tyre are you going to have on that rim? I do like the width of the freeride myself but there's a bit of weight to it and it's got braking surfaces that I'm not going to need with the disk.
Cheers, I hope you will post up some pics of yours when it is done

It looks stronger as there is more weld on the seat tube to fork crown than the pierced tube version, It does look a little more fussy though (not a bad or a good thing really)

I will be running a 2.4 Conti Rubber Queen as that has lots of good reviews on here and the bigger tyre volume/height is a plus coming from a 24x3 Duro. A few people are rocking a thinner rim fora lower weight with no real issues. The tyre overhang at the sides on this setup isn't much more than my 24x3 on my 42mm nimbus rim

Full spec as above

KH26 Frame
KH fixed seat post
KH Freeride Seat
KH seat brake mount
single bolt seat post clamp
Qu-Ax lightweight 145mm cranks
Nukeproof Electron pedals
Dartmoore Raider rim
Nimbus Disc Hub
DT Compertion db black spokes
DT silver brass nipples
2.4 Conti RubberQueen (black chilli)
conti tube with secret sealant
D-Brake disc mount
Shimano SLX disc brake
180mm Formula disc

should be about 5.3kg / 11.7 lb so about 1.6 kg lighter than my kh24
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