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Originally Posted by Smilymarco View Post
With a smaller rim, you need to ride a little bit more preasure. I ride the 2.4 tire with about 1.8 - 2 bar. And of course you cant ride a high-volume tire like a 3.0... it will fold over pretty easy.

As the 2.4 is enough for me (i only weight 65kg), i dont care about those negative things I dont need a 3.0 tire.

Where you notice the weight most is when riding uphill (its easier), its more agile and of course when you carry the uni
I have spec'd up a very similar build to yours as I want a lightweight XC uni as my kh24 is a bit burly for what I ride.

I was looking to use a Sunn Ringle EQ31 but I just couldn't find one in the UK in 36 hole that wasn't white camo!! so that Dartmore raider being the same weight and dimensions is spot on!

My kh24 runs a 3" Duro on a 42mm nimbus rim so a 2.4 rubberqueen on a 31mm rim should be a similar tyre to rim ratio. Being the same weight as you and my tyre never leaving the ground on my rides I can't see the rim width being an issue, anyway KH26 rims seem impossible to get over here

my current new build spec (Not copying Smilyharco honest, well maybe on possibly stripping the frame! )

KH26 Frame
KH fixed seat post
KH Freeride Seat
KH seat brake mount
single bolt seat post clamp
Qu-Ax lightweight 145mm cranks
Nukeproof Electron pedals
Dartmoore Raider rim
Nimbus Disc Hub
DT Compertion db black spokes
DT Gold nipples
2.4 Conti RubberQueen (black chilli)
conti tube with secret sealant
D-Brake disc mount
Shimano SLX disc brake
180mm Formula disc

should be about 5.3kg / 11.7 lb so about 1.6 kg lighter than my kh24

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