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Originally Posted by LargeEddie View Post
It's a bit hard to make out the yellow letters, but Kris Peck seems to be wearing a California Mountain Unicycling Weekend t-shirt. Can anyone put a year on it?
Indeed that video is a very nice piece! It's great that the Peck family think of carrying on a "unicycling legacy".

The T-shirt is probably the second-ever Muni Weekend T-shirt, from the 1998 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend. The picture is of George Peck descending a very steep section of trail at the first (1996) Muni Weekend, as that trail was featured again in '98. Lots of amazing people came that year. It was the first time Kris Holm rode trails with other unicyclists. George and his son were there (Christopher I think), Dan Heaton, Bruce Bundy, David Poznanter and many others.
Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
I read that, in order to ride an ultimate wheel, you have to first be able to ride with the seat dragging behind.
Not really, but it's a good warm-up for doing it with the frame off.
Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo
Since rough-terrain unicycling started out when unicycles were not as strong, I wonder if this "brute force" method of riding rough terrain... was not practical back in the day.
I think you are correct. In George's original video, there's a part where the camera pans slowly along a shelf of broken uni parts, especially axles. Even then he was having his custom made; he was probably the first unicyclist to use splined axles. Notice the older video all shows him riding on what we would today refer to as "skinny tires" in terms of Muni. That's what we had.
Originally Posted by LargeEddie View Post
I wonder if he might have taken a different path to ultimate wheel riding by learning to ride like his father first.
I'm pretty sure he did start out riding like his father, because he also comes from the time before strong hubs, fat tires, etc. He didn't start making videos until many years later.
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