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The most impressive thing in the video was the son riding the ultimate wheel. I read that, in order to ride an ultimate wheel, you have to first be able to ride with the seat dragging behind. I can barely do more than 2-3 pedal strokes after dropping the seat, before I UPD. Kind of made me want to throw up, watching him ultimate-wheel across some uneven surfaces. I need to practice that...

Most of the rough-terrain riding I saw on the video involved the riders moving very slowly, a series of starts and stops, with both their arms out for balance. Unicycling is cool, because there can be different approaches. If I am riding, for example, on a rocky creek bed, I am more likely to push the seat out in front, either sitting on the back edge of the seat or shoving the seat against my groin area, then holding on with two hands, maximizing leverage, getting the unicycle in front of me. Kind of similar to the brute force method I use to (attempt to) ride/crash up a curb. I remember, one day, tearing the seat right off the seat post, while doing that maneuver. Since rough-terrain unicycling started out when unicycles were not as strong, I wonder if this "brute force" method of riding rough terrain... was not practical back in the day.
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