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Originally Posted by Setonix View Post
Once you manage it, be sure to post it on youtube. I'd like to see that. You will have to keep your upperbody very still I suppose to keep the flute to your mouth. Playing a guitar might be easier if it isn't too heavy.
Will definitely post videos if I get that far. I've thought about playing guitar while unicycling, but I think ukulele may be even better since it's smaller and lighter and easier to learn to play a few tunes on it. May consider ukulele if flute doesn't work out. In fact, still considering ukulele — maybe I'll just learn to play flute as a totally separate activity from unicycling, while ukulele will be my unicycling instrument.

One concern I have is losing my breath due to the combination of blowing into a flute while idling — many flutists run out of breath just playing flute. Also, the strange almost twisted kind of posture flutists have to make to properly play flute may literally throw me off the unicycle. On the other hand, there are violinist-unicyclists, and that's even more involved. But considering that I can juggle while unicycling and juggle while running long distances, these issues probably won't be a big deal once I adapt.

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