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Originally Posted by YooNeeNoob View Post
Another thing you might try is giving up the obsession with magic numbers. Here's a weird, heretical notion: you should ride as long as you enjoy yourself, and stop when the pleasure stops.
I agree, I've "shut it down" more often then some might think.
-- Everyone was not still having fun has stopped a few rides.
-- Safety is a reason why I've "shut it down".
-- The needs of my support crew are another reason.
-- It just wasn't the right day.

I and my crew like being adventurous. Pleasant adventures make stories fun to tell. We prefer to say away from having horror stories.

When you and those around you are no longer having fun how much will you still value completing any ride that's purpose was only to reach a magic number? Some one else will eventually out do you anyway.

You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself....

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