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I am amazed at how fast my son progresses on his unicycle. Today makes 2 wks we've had the unis and we went to the park with the idea of just having fun. I didn't take my uni because I just wanted him to relax and goof around and do what HE wanted to do, not what I wanted him to do.

We started inside the play area and he was just doing short rides and trying to turn corners. He was getting the hang of it when he said, "Hey, Dad, watch this". I turned and watched him freemount the unicycle and take off. It was great. He had a pretty decent ride and I asked if he minded if I shot some video on my phone. He agreed and though he didn't get the same distance while I was filming him he did manage to repeat it a few times.

After that we left the play area and went into the park where there are brick footpaths meandering around park. He wanted to try his hand at riding on the paths and so I helped him out with my hand to hold and he got started. It was new terrain for him and it took a couple of minutes for him to get accustomed to it. After that he was up and riding. I think because there were no natural stopping points (fences, etc) he began to feel the freedom of the ride. This was coupled with the first decent day, temperature wise, that we've had in weeks.

There was a crew of workers doing some repairs in the park and one of them whistled and shouted, "Good on ya, mate!!" with two thumbs up. All in all it was a good session.

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