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Originally Posted by BillyTheMountain
There's a few pro-gun people who insist events/places are safer if they are armed.

So I'm wondering: Is Bugman bringing his gun to the next MUni event? To the next NAUCC? Or UNICON?

Are you?

Who feels safer knowing Bugman is riding with his handgun?

Even doing 5-foot drops on his MUni?
I don't really understand the text as it relates (or rather does not relate) to the functionless poll posted. I am pleased that you recognized "few" as a singular collective but as a collectivist I expect that from you. Miss Ayelery would certainly be proud of little Billy.

The poll is basically bugman related, not gun or even safety related. Little of it has anything to do with "you" bringing your gun to a unicycling event as the title suggests. All three choices involve bugman for some reason.

The poll, being meaningless, is fair enough in JC, however your post text expresses your ignorance of firearms and firearms owners and handlers much more than your contempt of bugman's exercised right to own one.

To address the text:

1.) I don't know if bugman will ATTEND the next unicycling event let alone if he will be armed. If he attends and IS armed I still would not know because he has enough sense to carry concealed. Why would that make sense, Billy?

2.) I will not answer this question. Were I armed, I would have enough sense to carry concealed. Why does me not answering this question make sense, Billy?

3.) I would feel safer knowing that bugman was armed while riding. Why does that make sense, Billy?

4.) Why would doing a five foot drop carrying concealed be any more safe or dangerous than not carrying concealed? Yes, I would feel safer knowing that bugman was armed while riding even if he were doing a five foot drop. Why does that make sense, Billy?

I can't vote in this poll, the results of which will not be published if history continues to repeat itself as it has repeated itself in so many gun control and gun confiscation issues. The option excluding me revealing my armed status and claiming to feel safer knowing that bugman will be armed has been omitted. A serious flaw in a meaningless poll. Perhaps "meaningless poll" should be made one word?
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