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Hey Liz,

Sadly there is a lot of truth in what you say about the hierarchy at the GYC. The aerial acts are full of prima donnas, and those acts receive favors since most of the board members are/were aerialist and are trainers for those acts. If they did unicycle when younger, it's viewed as just that. Something they used to do when they were young, and don't view it as something to do now, or worth seeking out new ways/tricks to put in show. Such as trials riding.

Remember that the unicyclist do receive a lot accolades from the public attending since most realize that it's not an easy thing to do, and are very impressed that you can balance on one wheel when most of them have trouble balancing on one foot.

Costumes for the acts depends a lot on the amount of time and effort that the act trainer is willing to put into acquiring/designing/making and if they have any vision. In your case the trainers this year are two young males who I don't picture pushing for anything special for spending the time to sit down behind a sewing machine and making costumes as some of the other trainers do.

As for what to work on. My girls spent their time riding, riding, riding. Like John said work on riding backwards, idling/hovering, tight circles, etc. When it comes to mounts, the kick-up is a good one to learn (as you probably know it's being used to start off the advanced act this year), side mount (as John said), and suicide.

Also, find a trick online that you like and feel that you would be able to learn and master it. Then show it off and make sure that next seasons trainer knows that you have a specialty trick and they will most likely work it into the show.

With the giraffes, after this season is over check on borrowing one. They have been really good in the past about lending them out for performers to practice at home.

My girls (Heather and Amber) and I would be happy to talk with you and help in anyway that we can. Look for us around circus.

Keith (A.K.A. Sal Manilla)
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