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Thumbs up Day 2:

I actually wrote this up two days ago, but it took me so long to write it that when I went to submit I had been logged out so I lost it all! Lesson learned, make a copy before submitting

Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone! I believe them!

I did a quick review of Andrew Carter, Klaas Bil book and decided to start out in the entryway/hall for a few minutes to get the feel of things. Then I transitioned out to the garage. Our Astro van is parked, as I face out toward the street, on the right side, leaving the left side open and the driveway empty. For about 30 minutes I started out at the front of the van using the mirror as my initial handle, then worked my way down the side of the van until I got to the end where I would launch out into the driveway. I had a couple good runs where I was able to make it a little way before falling.

I rolled the tire across the floor for one revolution and measured the distance = exactly 5 feet. So one pedal stroke = 2.5 feet. I find it easy to count pedal strokes and calculate distance that way. I had a few rides of 4 or 5 pedals.

Next I went down to the end of our street where there is about 40 feet of concrete block wall running right next to the sidewalk. I worked up and down it for about 30 minutes, while mixing up which foot I started the mount with. I noticed that the right pedal was coming loose so I headed back to the garage. Besides, an hour is about the max for me right now time-wise.

After tightening the pedal I decided to try one or two more launches from the van. Surprisingly I had a good ride of 7 pedals, so I kept going for another 10 minutes where I had one more 7 pedal ride and my best yet, 8 pedal strokes! The best part was that 2 of these three were pretty straight and under control, and the 8 pedal ride felt really natural. Woohoo!

Key Lessons;
1. Don't try to catch the unicycle, just let it fall
2. More arm flailing is more better
3. If your foot is not straight forward the crank arm will come up from behind and you will experience a very nice unplanned dismount (UPD for those newbies like me that were wondering what this meant) - every time guarnteed!!

Tip for other newbies;
Being physically fit is very important. Leg strength, core strength, and reasonable flexibility are key to a good experience, and maybe even to eventual success. But maybe this is a moot point, as anyone crazy enough to do this already gets it.

So far I am having fun. My previous attempt earlier this year, and the attempt 10 years ago were not very fun and I got frustrated a lot. Perhaps I have grown up a little? But somehow this time I am really enjoying the journey. I think this site, and this journal are also key to the level of enjoyment. It is fun to come to a place where everyone understands perfectly.
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