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what are your views on the impact seats vs Kh seats? are the Impact seats just as strong?, i see that the cover has kevlar in it but ive seen some pictures where the back, just above the bumper has riped. is this a common problem to the impact seats? Do they have much flex like the KH saddles?, can you get replacment handels and bumpers for them?

What about the frames. are the Impact frames lighter and stronger then the KH ones?. im not to keen on the short neck and if i got a KH i would go for the long neck, ive seen a couple of KH long necks slightly bent on the neck. to me thats kinda strange because there is twice as much metal in there to resist the flex. if i had a impact frame, are the seatposts strong enough to not bend.

Post some pictures of some Impact/KH unis if you like
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