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Nimbus 29 Muni ( New Frame )

I purchased this new model today. It is the steel Nimbus 29 with a Duro Crux 29x3.25 tire. The older frames would not allow you to run this big of a tire. The new frame also has the disc tab on the frame so you don't have to use the d brake. The muni also comes with a a disc hub as well so it is disc brake ready. This is my first time riding the new nimbus stadium saddle which I have to say it feels pretty good. My other 2 muni's have the KH freeride. I like how the nimbus saddle is a little flatter than the KH freeride. But it is a little firmer as well.
My other 2 muni's are KH24 and kh26. I bought this to ride more XC trails. My main muni is the kh26 with a surly 26x3 knard. I love the knard on hard surface but in the mud it stinks. The 29 crux went through the same xc with ease compared to the knard. I went to UDC and picked up the muni, while there I compared this Nimbus 29 muni against the oracle 32 they had on the floor. This setup ( 29 ) was about 1/2 inch smaller than the oracle 32. I had them put the 165 cranks on it but after riding it a few minutes I decided to put my kh150 on there and it was perfect. I also had a extra set of brakes i put on the muni. Looking at the tire clearance on the frame I believe you could easily run a 32 wheel and tire on this frame.
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