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Originally Posted by johnfoss View Post
Jump to the 5 Boro Bike Tour!
Would have been fun, but when you miss the registration deadline, sleep too late, and then only manage to find one wheel... it's time to mix up a bottle of electrolyte-ade and head for the One Boro Unicycle Tour

Originally Posted by LargeEddie View Post
You could probably skip over 30 and jump ahead right to 50k.
Which is exactly what I did.

Saw two wheelers in their distinctive helmet covers heading home from the ferry on pretty much my entire ride, given the variety of paces and celebratory plans.

Other highlights included seeing a guy with a tuba in East River park, my first experience of persevering through rain, chilling (a bit literally!) for an hour with the NY uni gang at Grant's tomb, and stopping to shoe an intruding car off the greenway.

Did the 16 miles up to the lighthouse in just over two hours, so getting a little closer to the goal of fitting into casual bike events. Felt like I was really flying for the last 6 miles above the lights, if only there weren't so many of them in the southern portion of the ride.

Now I've got the challenge of figuring our a good plan for a longer ride; I could repetitions of the 6 miles north of the last traffic light, but it seems like it would get old fast; I've already memorized where most of the bumps in the lower portion are.
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