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Originally Posted by LanceB View Post
It sounds like you're riding a street route, if so, you might want to try mounting by standing on the curb, with the wheel in the gutter. That extra 6 inches means you don't really have to hop to mount, you just kind of lean into it. I find it a helpful alternative when street riding. Cheers!
Yes, did that a lot on the first ride. Curbs were more like 4 inches, but still made a huge difference. However on a lot of the greenway (bike, etc path) what is immediately inside the curb is a very shallow brick paved gutter about a foot wide. It's quite smooth as such things go, but there's still a dilemma between rolling out of it at an angle immediately, or accelerating to speed in it, and then riding out.

Also tried a few perpendicular launches from curbs when crossing but not as good at tht.
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