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It reflects the crowd over here. Many of the youngsters are on fb.
Originally Posted by Klaas Bil View Post
Thanks all so far, this is turning into an eye candy thread.

Let me rephrase that. Pictures of unicycles 'posing' (with or without rider(s)) have generally a low chance of ending up in my calendar. There have been exceptions in the past where there was a funny twist; Rafael's picture of a statue of the Green Hulk riding his (Rafael's) unicycle comes to mind.

Also, to date the pictures are somewhat heavy on MUni and XC (with male riders, for that matter). While I love that discipline, I'd encourage more diversity. Where are the trials/street/urban, freestyle, racing photos hanging out? Or the remarkable ones e.g. very young or very old riders, surprising places to ride, very special unicycles, etc?
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