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Originally Posted by UniMyra View Post
I don't have any of my old childhood toys left, but some years ago I discovered that I could buy them on Ebay so I started to collect.
eBay is a dangerous weapon when it comes to stuff like that!

I love the Corgi Batmobile and Bat Boat! And the 007 Aston Martin. My dad collected die-cast cars since he was a little kid, and at one time had about 10,000 of them! He knew other collectors from all over the world. Hot Wheels came out when I was five, so that was my particular interest at the time. I still have a box or two of old die-cast and other stuff. Someday I should photographically catalog all of that. I'll add that to my list...

Here's some pictures I took about 10 years ago of some of my Unicycle-Related Collectibles. The photo shoot started out as pictures of my uni Christmas ornaments, but then I added other stuff, some of which came from eBay. The box of "Uni" Bars was sent to me by Dustin Kelm, and I think they came from Turkey. The M&Ms were a Christmas present. All the pins & patches are from an old jacket of mine from the 80s, which had torn pockets from the early days of Unicycle Sumo rules development (can't pull on the clothes).

At the end are three progressively closer pictures of one of the three great seals in front of California's State Capitol building. This one commemorates the Spanish missions, that represent some of the earliest communities being set up in California by Europeans. The "unicycle" is a cattle brand from one of the missions, but I don't know which one.

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