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I'm wanting to rebuild a unicycle once I return to the UK from my gap year abroad.

I've not been into the unicycling scene for several years now, but would like to have one kicking around again! It's just the best bit of casual garden messing around, and I miss it!

My basis'll be The Ti frame. I'm putting aside the ISIS/32h rim project, and just going for what has worked for this frame since it's early UniVeRse days.. good 'ol Profile hub and cranks. So I'm wondering what's good these days for other parts?

I'm after suggestions/input:

-a 36h RED rim of some sort... It seems no one makes these anymore? Try-All seems to have killed off their coloured rims of past?

-A slim Trials saddle... What's the slimmest and most durable one? I hear the new Impact Naomi is pretty ideal? Something about a unique removable cover feature too?

-Seatpost... just a 27.2mm aluminium one, but I'd like one with a strong join... Pit Fighter 3, new KH, and Impact no-weld... any others? What's the best?

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