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Originally Posted by filotr14lsdude View Post
the reason people get the expensive things like ti hubs and such is because they like the bling FACTOR of there uni,and also because they can afford to spend endless amount on the things they love.

If you going to the extent of saving weight with a ti hub,its only 200g can change so many parts out before the ti comes into play.but when you have exhausted all lighter options eg-tires,pedals,seat,seat post,frame and cranks you might have to spend big to for minimal weight.personally im waiting for the exceed hub to come out as im not a fan of the kh.
thats right.
the cheapest way to save weight is to use a lighter tube - but at the end if you did all the cheap things you will change the hub, frame or what else.

and you have the mental factor - even if there is non or just a small physical benefit, you will get better results in the awareness to use the best material
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