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Originally Posted by becker View Post
I appreciate the advice but I was thinking more along the lines of a 24in wheel as Iím hoping to ride to work on it once Iím confident. Work is only 2.7 miles from my house. I think the 19in would be a lot of work to ride for any distance.
You should do fine on a 24. It sounds like I was in about the same shape when l learned at 46. I put all my effort into learning. Took it outside for the first real 40 foot ride the first of July fourteen years ago and could commute 4 miles each way by the end of September on a cheap Norco 24" with a nice KH seat. I had lost 20 pounds and didn't need high blood pressure meds anymore.

If you want to speed up core strength try a few plank exercises every other day. I didn't start plank exercises until years later when I started riding in hillclimb challenges.

Just go out, have fun, and be persistent.

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