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Originally Posted by Rubberduck View Post
Cool pic
But I would recommend to go with a "normal" helmet. This thing is on such a long ride not that benefit full. Instead you should wear a thight shirt. This is much more "bad"...
With 26km/h in average (if i am right!?) the aero helmet is more pain than gain...
Thanks! I am not sure I understand why the helmet benefit would be less over a longer ride?

26kph would be about 6:11; I'm hoping for 28kph or 5:45. These are very much hopeful guesses though. The current record is 23.9kph, so anything over that will be a bonus. I'm pretty sure there is enough wind resistance at these speeds to make reducing it by any amount worthwhile.

It doesn't (hopefully) create any particular extra pain (though there seems to be a strangely noisy wind whoosh which I hear - which seems odd as it covers my ears snuggly. It might be a little less ventilated than a normal helmet, but I don't think it will make a huge difference.

The shirt is actually about as tight as they come (short of being pasted on as the pros have, or a skinsuit without pockets which I'll need for water bottle, music etc.) and not really baggy at all (though it looks a bit bad in that photo).

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