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Originally Posted by Nurse Ben
I was thinking about upgrading from Vans, was looking at the 5.10, but I'm wondering how they are in the wet.

Are the sticky rubber shoes better in the wet, worse, or the same than a typical skate shoe?
I live in a dry area, so can't speak too much to their wet traction, but I remember someone from the UK posting about these shoes (the Impact) whose complaint about wet weather use was more that the shoe acted a bit like a sponge and took a while to dry out. I don't think that the soles get slick in the wet.

I have the Impact Mid (second pair--the first had a failed lace eyelet, and was replaced free under warranty by 5.10; the new pair has different eyelets, and isn't subject to the prior model's failure). They're awesome. I had to remove pins from my pedals because they grip so much I couldn't reposition my foot! They're worth the money, imo--I think they'll outlast 3 or 4 pairs of skate shoes.
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