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Originally Posted by johnfoss View Post
Imagine learning to ride one-foot on a Schwinn. Slippery chrome at about a 45-degree angle. People would stick grip tape, or even little squares of old carpet or a simple hose clamp, and they were much better foot support. You can do the same with a round crown. It may not be pretty, but a basic automotive hose clamp can make a huge difference on one of those frames, with the screw at the top, of course.
Thank you for that tip! I actually found a modern UDC Schwinn 24 at a garage sale, and I keep it at a relative's house for when I visit. Not being able to practice one-footed skills at those times has been a minor but persistent source of frustration. I had thought of wrapping a piece of innertube around the fork, but never got around to it. The hose clamp idea sounds much tidier and more effective.

Scoox, it's kind of funny that you're wondering whether all these Chinese-made products can be shipped back to China for you! I don't know what the answer is, it's just a funny situation. I guess it says more about the world we are living in than about what sort of unicycle you should get, though. Oh well, good luck!
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