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Originally Posted by pierrox View Post
I'd say go for a second hand cheapo, and then:
1- ride it until you break it
2- it breaks you and ends up collecting dust in the basement like 90% unis.
If 1 then you can reward yourself to a KH, if 2 you won't have an expensive KH collecting dust in the basement.

I come from a BMX and Trials background (ok, in the 90's that was), and unicycle has very very little to do with those two sports even if the gear has some resemblance.
Just saw your message. Trials is different in many ways but my gut tells me I'm going to love unicycling, because unicycles are mechanically simpler and because of that they are pretty much always good to go unlike a trials bike which usually requires a bit of tweaking before every ride. Portability is also a huge bonus for me, being able to easily throw the thing in the boot or on the bus and ride virtually anywhere, even indoors when it's raining outside. It's like learning to walk all over again. I honestly can't think of any sport involving tyres that's more rewarding, exciting and convenient than unicycling.

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