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Originally Posted by Scoox View Post
That Equinox is regaining appeal. The other option would be to frankenstein it.
According to Unicycle dot com, the Equinox is 2 pounds lighter and $175 cheaper.

"Frankensteining" is usually a more expensive option. Goudurix, which is located in Montréal, charges very reasonable prices for shipping to the US. They have the Impact Gravity longneck frame on sale right now for $56, which is less than half the usual price. That frame has a fork that is completely rounded, though, so learning any one-footed skills on it would be very difficult. I also don't know where you'd get your wheelset right now without spending a ton of money.

Edit: The one problem I did have with Nimbus stuff was that the alloy seat post snapped when I was hopping up the stairs. I replaced it with a Nimbus CrMO seatpost, which is a bit heavier, and have not had a problem since then. I'm not sure if those seatposts are still available, and I don't know what KH seatposts are made of. Oh- and I had a set of Nimbus Venture 2 cranks that got a bit wiggly after a year or two. I don't think KH cranks will do that. They are very strong.

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