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Originally Posted by song View Post
Yeah, now that you mention it, I do remember KH20s having a long-neck frame in the past.

It's usually your ankle, rather than your knee, that gets hit by the seatpost clamp, or so I've heard, and avoiding that problem is indeed the main reason usually given for preferring a long-neck frame. My sort-of trials uni has an Impact Reagent long-neck frame, and I like it a lot. Goudurix had them on sale a month or two ago. Not all long-neck frames are the same length. Mine, at least, is nowhere near being too long for me, and I am only average height.

My opinion of KH unicycles is that they are overrated and overpriced, though I do think they are awesome anyway, just not quite as awesome as one might hope. There were terrible problems with KH hubs, and KH took years to fix the problem, but it's fixed now.
Damn I was all set on getting one. That Equinox is regaining appeal. The other option would be to frankenstein it.
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