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Quick question about seat tube length

Hi again, it's me, the guy with the silly questions.

I'm curious about seat tube length and its effect. A lot of riders regard the KH20 very highly, however its seat tube is very short at 150 mm. The Nimbus Equinox, for instance, is available in 300 and 400 mm seat tube lengths, I could be wrong on those numbers but the tube definitely looks a lot longer than the KH20's.

So, does seat tube length even matter? KH unis are regarded by many as the best you can get, and I've seen some pics of older KH20 versions which actually had longer necks, so the move to a shorter neck must have been intentional. Just wondering what's the advantage of the shorter neck. Basically my concern is that I could end up hitting my knees on the seat post clampódone it before on bike stems and it's not fun.

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