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For what it's worth, I highly recommend the use of a handlebar for long distance rides, and I was a hard guy to convert. I was riding my 36" for many miles without one, but at the advice of some friendly nags on this forum I gave it a shot.

Let me say that after the adjustment I would never go back to a barless 36" if I had a choice. Many cite taking the stress off your seat, which has never bothered me, but the amount of leverage and control a handle provides is amazing. On hills, you can pull up a bit to give yourself more leverage, and when going faster in a straight line you can maintain more stability. And if you ever don't want to use it, just let go and suddenly you're back to normal unicycle mode.

Also, tire grab mounts are currently the only consistent (9/10 tries) way I can mount my 36". I'm just a little shrimp and I can barely even get on it otherwise. This video is pretty much exactly what I do. With that being said, if you have a buddy riding along with you, you can use their shoulder as a mounting surface.

Just be sure to ask them first.

Seriously excited to hear how this journey goes! Good luck!
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