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Originally Posted by MrImpossible View Post
I was thinking about buying the QX 27.5" plus, but I can't find any detailed measurements on it. Do you know how wide the frame is?
I don't think, the frame of the 27.5+ is wider than the one of the 27.5. I think it's just the tire and the rim that are different. But I don't know. Maybe they use the 29" frame for the 27.5+ which is what I did on my custom build with the Specialized Purgatory Control 27.5x3.0. With this tire I have about 5mm clearance on each side when I center the wheel in the frame. (and the height looks just perfect.)
My frame (the QX29) has an inner width of 82mm. I'm not sure is the frame of the QX27.5 is of the same width, but it definitely isn't less.

You can scroll this thread (transation via google) of the german forum. There we have some QX frames combined with different tire sizes of the 27.5 to 29+ range)

btw: the frame of the QX27.5 also fits a 29x2.2 wheel.
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