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Originally Posted by Piece Maker View Post
I've been browsing the Schwalbe website and come across the G-One Speed, which seems to be what I'm after. It's a bit expensive but if it lasts a while I'll be happy to pay it
Schwalbe rate its Service Life at 2/6 on their own site. The tread looks very superficial. Worn right off at 1500 miles on the rear of a road bike according to this review.

It's apparently 560g for a 29x2.35 which sounds crazy!
Definitely crazy. Reviews also say it is easily punctured but that is to be expected on such a light tyre.

Maximum pressure 50 psi could be an issue on a uni under heavy torque. I weigh 80kg and I found I needed 55 psi on the Torch 29x2.10 or the sidewalls felt like they buckled on steep hills. I imagine the larger profile could be even more prone to this.

Think it would be interesting race tyre.
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