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When I watched your videos I noticed that on all the successful attempts you used one arm for balancing yourself. When you didn't you mostly didn't make it to the CG. So using your arm seems to be helpful for now. I also noticed that you didn't wear any protective gear. Maybe if you wore a helmet, some knee and shin guards and some KH gloves that could let you commit a little more. I know that always lets me feel a little more confident in general, even if the riding isn't particularly challenging.

Since I modified my 36" nimbus with a long handle bar and bike seat my own mounting consistency dropped some. But it seems I have to have one hand on the handle and the other one in the air for keeping myself balanced in the beginning. Then it often works. Another problem I have is I usually fail more often when there are people watching. It's just a self confidence related thing probably. I guess it will all improve over time with more practice.
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