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Originally Posted by lowerstackmac View Post
60 hours of practice. I can free mount and I passed .6 of a km on my 26 muni yesterday. Im now rethinking the 26 decision.
Are you rethinking the 26" decision because you think it slowed down your learning?

The number of hours it took you to pass .6 km is right in the ballpark of how long it took me to ride the same distance. And the same applies to Garp. Kudos to both of you for sticking it out!

It's hard to say I'd have ridden my first 1/4 mile sooner on a 20" (I started on a 24"). I would probably have progressed faster toward mounting and riding short distances, but the added twitchiness of the 20" could have made longer distances harder.

I think young people learn in fewer hours because they are willing to stretch the limits of their "point of no return." An older person is going to bail out before that point. Young people are generally more flexible, making them able to ride with even more sketchiness; an older person, by contrast, might be hindered by their physical and/or psychological need to "stay in control."

Keep practicing!
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