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Post Ze Logue

Hi there.

I'm new to both this forum and unicycling. I don't have questions yet since I could find what I needed (so far) by looking around. So I figured I'll start a personal log. Here goes.

I bought a trials/street unicycle a few weeks ago and received it the 13th. Since then, I've been practicing every day for about 90 minutes. Progress was slow.
It took me a week to realize that sore wrists and bloody shins weren't necessarily essential to the learning process. So I ordered some protection gear, which I received two days ago.
Now, that made a difference! I was finally able to let go of the handrail for more than 4 or 5 pedal strokes, had a whole bunch of 20m to 30m runs and even finished yesterday with a glorious 45m. Yay.
Steering is still a bitch, though. Oh, and I was sooo close to free mount (the static version, with horizontal cranks).

And that's it for now. Off to my daily (nightly) session.
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