Thread: Wanted: North America Surly 24" and 26" Large Marge rims
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by buzz, I mean more of a rumble rather than an audible sound. The nightrider is very smooth compared to the nate. Certainly not as smooth as something like a big apple though. A 24x4 is by no means small. I like the larger wheels, but that still gets you the diameter of a normal 26er at higher pressures. You can always run 138 cranks, but I guess you get into the same issue with the hills. I ride 138s on my 24x3 (duro tire) and I like that feel. I think you'll sacrifice a little roll-over, but the big tire should make up for that. . . also, it's easier to get a hold of a used surly 24 frame. : P

If you're looking for an all-rounder, those 3" sizes in the 26 and 27.5 are really versitile. You get most of the benefit of the extra loft without the weight of the bigger tire. The full 4"+ tires simply steamroll over most obstacles. It's good and bad. It can certainly get you into some bad habits when you go back to a 2.4" tire.
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