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I think you should at least consider plus sized road tyres. Yes they weigh more and this means that acceleration and hills can take a hit but on flatter surfaces or downhill, I feel that the weight can work in your favour. They have a certain momentum that evens out your speed, particularly when you ride over imperfections on the road and this (for me at least) makes them a good choice. In addition, having a wide tyre gives another advantage, they increase the diameter (often by a whole wheel size) and thus you travel more per revolution. I often use a 26x3.0/76-559 Innova “City Tire” (Code: IA-2236) for road riding and I love it. It is faster than smaller/lighter tyres I have tried over the course of my regular commute, which is certainly not flat.

Regarding the wheel diameter increase, consider this picture of my 26”er running another (only fractionally smaller) plus size road tyre (a Duro “Beach Bum” 26x3.0/70-559), next to my 28x1½/40-635 wheeled Pashley unicycle (with a Schwalbe “Marathon”). You will note the total diameter is almost the same.

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