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Road tire for Muni rim - suggestions please

Excuse the general nature of the topic title
But I did it on purpose so this topic can be re-used by people having the same question, for their specific set-up.

Im currently riding a 27.5 Qu-Ax Muni and Im considering getting a more road-friendly tire.
For off-road I have just upgraded the stock 2.4 Maxxis High Roller II for a 3 Specialized Ground Control for a smoother ride.
But at times I like to ride on-road and make some more distance and for this Id like a narrower tire with lower rolling resistance.

Online I find lots of 650B road tires (which are 27.5) but Im not sure about the narrower tires being compatible with the wide Qu-Ax Muni rim.
Has anyone got some experience / recommendations for a good road tire on this rim?
Could I go as low as 2 for instance a Schwalbe Big Ben 27.5 x 2.00?
Or even lower?

I know that for dedicated road riding a 32 or 36 unicycle is best but at this moment Im not into buying another unicycle.
But another tire (or possibly a wheel set, dedicated for road riding) I can consider.
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