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26” is good because there is a huge selection of tires, but I agree with the others who have recommended a 29” wheel for the commute that Scoox describes.

I have never owned biker shorts, and have only gotten chafing on my inner thighs when I had an absolutely horrific Savage seat with metal bumpers on it that were scratched and bent outwards from falls on concrete, though actually the vinyl parts of that seat often inflicted more pain than the scratched metal. The seats on both my current unis, as I mentioned, are some sort of KH/Nimbus thing from about 4-5 years ago, and they are good, but I just wanted to add here that even my cheap starter uni was comfortable enough once I put a Viscount seat on it. I don’t know if this brand is available anymore, and it was just a simple seat, not much good for hopping because of the tiny saddle horn, but more than once I used it to go for rides of several miles on a 20” wheel, and I never had any chafing problems.

My point is just that a state-of-the-art saddle is not necessarily the only thing that will work. Some saddles are totally unacceptable and should not be used at all, but beyond that, there is a pretty big variety that are OK. I sometimes go for rides of several miles on a Schwinn 24. It’s slightly less comfortable than my Nimbus/KH seats, and doesn’t feel as sturdy when I hop, but it is 100% ridable.
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