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That Teliang might be a Chinese ripoff of the Impact Gravity, though since all these things are made in China anyway, perhaps it isn't fair to call it a ripoff. If you do get one, a lot of people on this forum will be curious to know how it holds up.

The hybrid unicycle I got was -I assume- made of parts that UDC was trying to clear out of its inventory in 2013. The frame is Impact Reagent, the wheelset was KH20 flatland, and the rest is mostly Nimbus, though I think the seat is some sort of KH/Nimbus joint venture.

Any frame will snap if you are a crazy enough rider. Pinoclean provides details above. The only really serious problem with my uni was the KH Moment hub, which started to creak almost immediately. As I learned from this forum, KH hubs had had this problem for a number of years, but the more recent KH Spirit hub apparently does not. I finally persuaded UDC to give me a replacement Nimbus hub- the same hub that is in the Nimbus II. No problems there, and it's been several years. The other things that broke on my uni were only after extended periods of heavy use.

It took me months to learn to hop, but that was partly because I started on a $30 unicycle and knew that hopping would destroy it, so I learned other basic skills first. I met one guy who learned to hop before he could even ride, but he had just bought himself a very solid municycle, and I guess hopping was the most obvious thing to do with it.
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