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Why rely on conjecture? The answers are here for your perusal in this documentary from several years back.

The Unicycle Bastards Kick Zombie Ass

As you can see the 26" and 29" munis provide the best balance between speed, maneuverability and portability. Also keep in mind that maintaining balance while being subject to a high powered shot gun or rifle is key. Clearly the 26" muni with a 3" knobby is best in all regards. Riding over train tracks? No problem. Industrial junk, fire pits, glass shards? The 26" X 3" just laughs. 12 gauge shotgun blast? The 3" tire will help you absorb that energy without knocking you flat on your ass only to become tasty brainz.
Sure, given a good head start, I'd hit the road on my 36" guni, but once the zombies have infested the neighborhood and it's hand to hand combat time, I'm sticking with my KH 26" with 3" Duro Leopard.

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