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Details for Saturday:

Another muni weekend in LA, another traditional descent down Mt Wilson. In the past, the descents were actually closer to Mt Lowe (Frontside), but this time, we're doing our descents from the actual Mt Wilson (Darkside). The terrain is quite different since there are lots of trees on this side of the mountain and it's mostly shady (hence the name Darkside).

We all meet at 9am at the parking lot of Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park.

First, we organize the shuttles. It's a bit more complicated since the beginner/advanced rides have different end points. Those who will do the advanced ride will leave their cars at Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park. Then we drive/shuttle to the little parking lot at Henninger Trailhead.

Those who do the easier ride will leave their cars there. Finally, we shuttle everyone to the big Mt Wilson parking lot at Skyline Trailhead.

Advanced riders will do Mt Wilson Trail, which goes from Mt Wilson all the way down to Sierra Madre.

The Mt Wilson Trail is pretty much all downhill (~5000 ft) and there is no sustained climbing. The first half is very technical and the second half is quite smooth and fast. There is a lot of exposure so you always have to be careful. Overall, this ride is less exhausting than the Frontside ride from the last CA muni weekend (not as hot and less climbing).

Less experienced riders will go down Mt Wilson Toll Road. It's a nice dirt road with lots of history. Closer to the top, there are quite a few rocks lying around from past rockslides. When rocks have only been cleared in a narrow path, it almost feels like single track. Further down, it becomes less rocky and much smoother. Henninger Flats is a nice spot to take a break.

In order to make the Mt Wilson descent possible, we will need shuttle drivers, just like last year. I expect that we are a smaller group this year due to the late announcement, so it should in principle be easier to organize.

If we're short just a few seats, Uber can easily take care of it. If we need much more support, I can check with the commercial MTB shuttle companies that service Mt Wilson.

After the ride, there will be some time to recover and get fresh again, and then we'll meet at Lance's place for a party! The location will be announced at the ride. Regarding the time, I guess we'll see how long the ride will take and play it by the ear.
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