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Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
I might be able to host lunch or dinner at my place if there is a ride in Aliso & Wood Canyons.
Awesome! PM sent.

I did a bit of recon today and got some great news! The trail we will ride on Friday, Mt Hillyer, can be shuttled! That means we can skip the dirt road climb and get right to business. Also, I realized that the trail has lots of smooth and mellow sections, which makes it suitable for everyone. Of course, some riders will have to walk a few sections, but the speed will be very slow anyway; the area is a huge playground, amazing for sessioning!

The plan is to meet at noon at Chilao Visitor Center.

Then, we will figure out how to carpool to Rosenita Saddle Trailhead and should leave Chilao by 12:30 (is that too early for anyone?? - especially those arriving from far away)

The first trail is Mt Hillyer. After a short uphill, the trail winds through a huge boulder field, which offers plenty of sessioning opportunities. Then, it joins Silver Moccasin Trail at Horse Flats Campground.

Silver Moccasin from that point down to Chilao is quite technical. Less experienced riders have the option to stay with the stronger riders, going all the way down to Chilao, or instead can opt to ride about 1.5 mi on a paved road back to the cars at Rosenita Saddle.

This is pretty much the whole ride:

After the ride, we will drive down the mountains and go for dinner together (TBA, probably somewhere in La Canada or Glendale). Initially, I thought that we could camp up there, but realized that it is not a good option because it will make everything more complicated the next day.

Something to keep in mind: up in the San Gabriel Mountains, there is pretty much no cell coverage. So, if you are late, we won't receive your message.
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