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Re: got my pic taken in the local paper

I'd love to have someone else to ride with....that way I wouldn't be the
only one people point to and comment about.
(As a matter of fact, on the way home from shopping this evening, I saw
someone riding a uni near my place, so I quickly got on mine, and went and
had a chat with him.) Now I've got 1 person, but more would be a lot of fun.
Please do contact me, I'm looking forward to it.

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"Sofa" <> wrote in message
> Wow! Those stairs in the background were the first real stairs I ever
> rode down, , on a 26x1.95 'MUni'
> Ahh the memories.
> Dear Mr The 70's:
> I grew up (gr 7-13) in North Bay in Granitteville.
> My parents still live there and I get there during the Summer at at
> Xmas.
> Perhaps we can hook up for a ride next time I'm there.
> There is a guy who's about 20 that contacted me for a ride, he's fun to
> ride with. If you need someone to ride with.
> Brian
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