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Cool – three folk agreeing on something in three consecutive posts – there must be some truth in this. And I guess it is no wonder nor rocket science that learning new stuff works better when you are fresh and not exhausted.

Having said that about agreement, I feel slightly different on the fun aspect. I think most of us unicycle for fun, not? There are much more efficient ways of pedal-travel or to get exercise, so it must be that we like … whatever, the challenge of a new skill, the success in learning, or simply whatever we do, whether that is riding or improving. I’ve been cycling for 45 years now and still enjoy it even though I can not win a road race or hop over some ridiculously tricky obstacles but give me a nice day and a good path and I enjoy … just the ride. So, I think I can have fun being lazy with my old slippers on, and when I don’t like that feeling any more I can get different slippers or start a Merino farm to produce wool to re-line my old slippers.
I better get back to the uni-context now: fun is key. Sure there might be some work needed to have fun, but it shouldn’t be work only. If it was, I’d want paid (and I won’t ever – not with my riding). And sometimes it is best to leave practice aside and just enjoy what you (can) do?
What I am trying to say is that yes, practice is best when you are fresh, and practice increases skills, but why not also just ride for fun? (or practise for fun?)
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